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in the huntington area. >> john gonzalez is in that area, which floods often. >> a lot of nervous residents in the huntington section of alexandria, virginia. some are breathing a sigh of relief for now. fairfax county police and fire have set up an emergency command post in the shopping center off huntington ave. there's rescue equipment trucks, and even a city bus used to assist those evacuated last night. more than 100 homes along cameron run in alexandria were forced to evacuate. about 125 homes. this is a low-lying area, very prone to flooding. there have been a number of serious flooding problems in recent years. many of the residence and spent thousands and thousands of dollars to repair their damaged basements. the water level got as high as 6 feet, which is right entry- level. the fire department did shut off power to much of the neighborhood during the height of the storm as a precaution. fortunately, we are told in no major flooding at this time. the water level at this morning at cameron run is at four feet but we are still getting a good amount of rainfall and wind. we are told
. romney apologizes about a controversial remark that he made during a fund-raiser. john gonzalez has more now. >> with a new-found momentum after what many describe as a strong showing in the first presidential debate, watched by 62 million americans, romney is back in virginia. three rallies in five days in the commonwealth. he has taken different approach on the controversy surrounding the 47% comments. >> what i said was completely wrong. i absolutely believe that my life has shown that i care about 100 percent. >> the president is in virginia hoping to rebound after what a majority of americans believe was a lackluster performance in the debate. >> i met a very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney but i know it could not have been mitt romney because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. >> john gonzalez reporting. we will get more updates throughout the morning. several hundred people said the president did not give his best performance and a former vice president offers his explan
wasold bryan morning when he s brother off for school. later found his empty car nearby john gonzalez. is live at woodson high school john gonzalez is live at woodson high school. >> it is family said that he did bring his cellphone or debit morning, notl that that unusual, but what was found in his car was unusual. he was last seen in the parking around 7:00 monday morning. it was not until later that he did not come from football practice that is family knew something was wrong. l hours was found severa a park about a mile away. gracias somewhere and he needs us. the need to be found. >> assorted don't believe he -- authorities feel he never stepped foot in class. >> he said he was going to go spot on theng because we did not have a parking pass. >> there was an empty donut box wrappers in the car, -- things he said is family said he does not eat. station was on talk radio and he always listens to music in the car. police are carefully going surveillance video from thedunkin' donuts where purchased around 8:00 monday morning. >> thanks. 69 degrees. >> still ahead, new information 69
spreading across the country. a second person has now died in virginia. john gonzalez followed this story from our satellite center this morning. >> federal investigators have found the newest infection eye surgerysed in and heart surgery. risk.atients could be at as the meningitis outbreaks spreads, criminal investigators the department of justice surged to its pharmacy distributor in question in massachusetts. d a pharmacy distributor. " the grief and disbelief that hapnhing like this could is still there. >> the number of illnesses associated with the steroid shots has over to a hundred 30 cases. inpeople died, including two virginia. victims havee steroid injections .or back pain >> she was probably infected from the first injection and the course had been set. it the company is assuring that the tainted products have been recalled. >> i want to express our deepest sympathy. say 14,000 people in at least 23 states could've been exposed. they have recalled three lots of the steroid and has surrendered its license. what members of want done. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> an epic battle
-prone area. our john gonzalez there this morning live with a look. john, good morning. >> good morning, cynne. that is still the concern here this morning. fairfax county police and fire have set up an emergency command post, if you will, here in the huntington shopping center. you can see there are rescue equipment here and fire trucks, even a city bus. that bus used to assist those evacuated last night. more than 100 homes had stood along cameron run here in alexandria, about 125 homes to be exact, were ordered to leave the area. this of course, a low-lying area very prone to flooding. in fact, there have been some serious flood problems in the past. several years here, many residents spent thousands and thousands of dollars to repair their damaged basements. now, the water level got as high as six feet during the height of this storm which is right at street level. the fire department did go around and shut off the power to much of the neighborhood as a precaution, but fortunately no reports of any major flooding. now this morning, we'r
. with what is being done to prepare their, john gonzalez. >> talk of potential record flooding in alexandria they become very nervous. it and put on the sand bags and move the furniture. there's a man securing his vote. there's only so much you can do. today the potomac river looks column but that can change drastically in a few days. sandy doesn't seem to be losing much steam and is headed our way on a collision course steam in the northeast. an ingredient for the perfect storm. >> is really blowing up the river. it could cause a lot of problems. >> it has already claimed 29 lives, more than 10 in cuba along, including a four-month- old boy. this man says the hurricane was a very big and i have never seen anything like it in my 54 years. flooding is almost a way of life for the businesses here in old town alexandria. but this hurricane has people more concerned than usual. >> we are going to take things to storage. san bagging last time did not do much of anything. >> merchants and property owners have already put sandbags on a standby. the atomic jumping its banks -- the potomac river jump
for them. john gonzalez has more on the great southeast shakeouts. >> there will be dozens of earthquakes around the country. a 3.5 was recorded in nebraska. if we got another 5.8 or greater in virginia, these students will be ready, as you can see. these are local students preparing for an earthquake. >> at this time, let's drop to the floor on to your hands and knees. >> how can any of us forget the 5.8 quake that struck the d.c. area last year, which caused significant damage to the washington monument? >>d.c. maryland, and virginia are taking part. >> it's a great way for people to realize even though we are not in san francisco, we can still have an earthquake. >> earthquake experts from the usgs and fema are showing students at langston hughes middle school and what to do. >> get under something when you feel shaking. whether it's a desk or table or sofa. protect your head. >> millions have participated since 2008. last year to earthquake in virginia was a recent reminder that we all need to be prepared. >> cover your eyes. >> the ground on the east coast is more stable than that of
mckenna. penelope john gonzalez. it is the video shot from a dormitory room that will be crucial. minutes after the jury, made up men and seven women, courtroom, prosecutors played the video over and over again during opening arguments. the two prince george's county with firste charged e assault. degre reginald baker and james harrison. the video clearly shows an abuse power, broken trust, and of the law, say prosecutors. the prosecutors told a jury that old student was officersbeaten by the had handcuffs on several not the doctor until eight hours after he was beaten. he suffered a concussion, a .ajor bruises to his body the defense attorneys are dramatically different picture from that in march of 2010, arguing not a celebration of following the basketball but it was a full-blown riot with destruction of property and fire. they claim the officers used a force aftero suspect disobey orders. we understand he could testify today.y as reporting live from upper marlboro, john gonzalez. >> the former army ranger hisicted of killing at the gaithersburg apartment will be sentenced today. gary
breast cancer. despite the cold, there will continue on all weekend. john gonzalez with more this noon. >> it is a sobering reality, we all know someone has suffered from breast cancer. 1700 people walking the streets all over the district. it is the start of the 3 day susan g. komen walk. it is a very inspiring very motivating. the national spokesperson. but a survivor as well. tell us about the fight you are fighting right now. >> i may for your survivor. and one of our mission statements is that everyone deserves a lifetime. and i am so grateful to be living out mine right here in d.c. today. >> how critical are the swaps for this foundation? what they are so important. thanks to events like that, they invested millions of dollars to breast cancer research since 1982. we are winning this fight. >> good luck to you. this young lady, you are a survivor as well. a special is this for you? what's the state is so special. it means more time with my husband. i am fighting. i had chemotherapy yesterday. this was made possible by komen. i am walking 8 miles even though i am in nicki mallche
a precaution after female said a man followed her .ome john gonzalez is live outside west springfield high school. >> police are investigating a disturbing situation. least fourbeen at in the same area in west springfield. recent case involving a student at west springfield. according to the washington a female student left the g lot at the school monday cart when she was in her and noticed a suspicious man .ollowing her she told the police the man was blue four-door sedan and he followed her all the way home. of burkhart, at her.ried to approach was able to get inside the the man fled the scene. fairfax county police are trying out if this disturbing is possibly linked to a fondling cases last two teenageing girls and an adult female. three separate incidents of all women walking on sidewalks in the west springfield area they were approached by a man and grabbed from behind. clear if the cases are connected, but they are similar in nature. police don't have any strong leads. reporting live in springfield, john gonzalez. >> in years after the d.c. area the victimsks, being remembered. will
to the phillies. john gonzalez is live from at the sporting goods store which is opening early to out the championship merchandise the. >> that's right. how good were the nationals? there were able close last night still. win still. this is the official merchandise sale in a fewn hours. the stores are opening early as holiday. eight years after the team arrived in d.c. from montreal, a celebration of a likes the city has not seen in 80 years. washington nationals fans have waited a lifetime for this. >> i was not expecting a winning season. it's been a pleasant surprise. the team lost the game, but fans and players found out that second place atlanta had lost to pittsburgh, allowing washington to clinch the national league east division. get better than that. lost, but we still clinched. >> 96 wins so far. hard to believe a d.c. team that finished with more wins shotlosses actually has a finish with the best record in baseball. >> we want to have three more of these. we want to get the trophy. >> the 19-year-old ces harper tweeted tour de france after the game, thanking them. .tweeted
. john gonzalez has more on an amazing game 4. >> amazing. i still cannot believe it. this may not have been the largest crowd in national history, but i am willing to bet it was the loudest. these rally flags were being waved in the stadium because the 5, incredible drama. you can see the scoreboard still lit up tonight. the final act is tonight. with their backs against the wall, facing elimination, it came down to the final inning. jayson werth since a bomb over left field and sent the crowds into euphoria. >> i was thinking there was time for jason dick get a walk-off- home-run and it worked. >> fireworks lit up the sky over the anacostia river and there was a block party. >> we realized you have to have. heart and they have >> they will go on for one more night. mr. october spoke after the game. >> that's what it's all about. it's what you get to spring training early for. we have a chance tomorrow to take the next trap. -- next step. >> he took his sun to a capital gain when he first arrived in our area and he said i want to bring this excitement to nationals park. -- his son to a
. john gonzalez is in old town this morning. >> hopefully no more tricks on halloween for old town alexandria. they had one late yesterday evening. recededdwaters have substantially in these low-lying but the potomac river just a block away from where we are standing. 3 feelbout to about t normal side and 6here's a high tide at 10:0 why aorning, which is these streets remain closed. many businesses and homes had to sandbags and tarps. back tarps during the height of sandy this area appear to be scared. there was no serious flooding. was yesterday evening before the 9:00 p.m. high tide when area was under water. about 3 feet. we spoke to some people who live here and work here and they tell was reallya swallowed up by the river in a matter of minutes. >> within a 15 minutes we saw it sides of the sidewalk and 15 minutes later across the street. best just going to do the can, use and bags and move a higher levelo out.ide it correct back here live, this is out union street. tape for blocks blocks as far as we can see. is all closed down. except for our live truck and our crew car, the
yesterday. >> john gonzalez joins us live with an update -- some flooding at this point? >> the good news this year -- morning in old town is that floodwaters have receded. the bad news is the potomac river is a block away the river is two to 3 feet higher. high tide is coming this morning, which is why many of the roads were closed. ucb caution tape and the barriers. -- you see the caution tape and barriers. this came as quite a surprise yesterday. high tide was around 9:00 in the evening. the entire area, low-lying streets were under two to 3 feet of water. some folks said they came down to dinner at the restaurants here and everything seemed fine but when they left the restaurant everything was under water and many businesses were caught off guard. during the height of the strong, nothing happened. it seemed like the area would be scared a serious weather. these are low-lying areas prone to flooding in the old town alexandria, underwater several times over the past few years. county officials are very concerned about the latest -- if the wind blows in a certain direction, this area wil
was caught on tape. john gonzalez is in the upper marlborough with what we can expect in court. >> in just a few hours those two george's county police trial inwill be on ofer marlborough, accused assaulting university of john mckennaent off campus. this was after videotape from a surface, showing the involving the officers in full riot gear and batons. the then-21 year-old was beaten after students stormed the victoryafter a school over duke basketball team 20. eight people were arrested that night, yet this young man's thatney has always argued was simply dancing t when officers against a wall. many of those charges, even the students,f were later dropped, including against mckenna. the police powers of the two officers were suspended. >> another big story, former army ranger convicted of at theiris roommate gaithersburg or problems will be sentenced today. in a retrial, gary smith was d guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the 2008 death of michael mcqueen. at first he told police he was time. all at the he later changed his story. was found guilty in 2008 at first, but the high courts
.c. >> similar to a restriction that passed in new york city. john gonzalez is live in northwest with more details. >> good morning. , 64 is a supervision gulp of soft drinks, 750 super big gulp. a couple council members have clear they want these large drinks to be banned in the district. council members michael brown debtincent orange a greek they would agree on a ban of any drinks larger than about 16 ounces. the drink i'm holding a 64 ounces. york city there's a restriction already. the board of health as a ban on d drinks and restaurants and movie theaters. grocery and convenience stores are exempt. soft-drink companies will have a say, it added to file an injunction if it goes into effect in march. but want to file an injunction fact. march, in council member mary cheh has vocal, saying that it is a question of nutrition and .ealth it's important to mention there any movement to introduce legislation in district. it appears at least three on board ifers are introduced.is reporting live in chinatown, news.onzalez, abc 7 >> we will keep an eye on him to long it takes to empty that cup.
to this they had tried unsuccessfully over six years. john gonzalez reporting. >> 5:09, 48 degrees. coaches, teammates fans all watching robert griffin iii recovering from a mild concussion during last week's game. what he has to say ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the first look...is only the beginning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> thursday morning, father scott weltz. a high-pressure system overhead. expect sunny skies throughout the day. there's a cold front off to our northwest that will clip us tomorrow. -- thursday morning 5:12. mostly sunny today, cooler than yesterday, highs in the low 60's. we reached 71 yesterday at reagan national. 62 today for the high temperature. first pitch for the nationals game at 4:07. it will be 57 by 8:00 with a north westerly breeze at 5-10 miles an hour. we hope for game 5 tomorrow. it will be in the '60s and a little cooler tomorrow. a northwesterly wind at 10-15 with higher gusts. now t
marckel ross was shot to death. john gonzalez has this still developing story. >> it's been over a month and still no leads and no arrests. police say they have some developments. this is where 18-year-old ross was shot and killed. you can see the matt moore deal a teddy bear. the student was gunned down near central high school while school on september 11. prince george county police and be near theill the crime handing out fliers, talking with commuters and detectives. do with the of the possibility earlier that day before the murder. police have reason to believe butrobbery was committed not report the crime. out toves are reaching that victim and anyone who has information or saw anything in the last couple weeks. the police operation will not in capitol heights d but the murder occurre police and detectives will be until 8:00 talking e of the residents and commuters here. he is the second student in george's county to be down during the first month of school. both cases are still wide open. g live in capitol heights, john gonzalez. >> its about 47 degrees. >> still to come, proof t
describing to commit voter fraud. john gonzalez is outside jim moran's office. sdr's a couple blocks away from that offe that at this restaurant with a damaging place and wasook videotaped. patrick moran released a statement this morning saying he crazy and hean was he not taken seriously, but becauseed to step down not want to become a straction. is on damage control after this undercover video surfaced showing his son and field director discussing voter fraud. the son of the congressman has effective immediately. the man behind the camera, james fraude, known for his as a days, is posing discussing a plan to ballot.udulent >> but it's going to have to legit. >> opponent patrick murray is asking the virginia attorney general for a full investigation. think we do need an investigation, because this is integrity of our nation. >> just two days ago, jim moran asked the attorney general to investigate a consultant firm .or voter fraud live in arlington, john gonzalez, abc 7. >> ken cuccinelli is expanding allegedtigation into to destroy voter registration applications. a pennsylvania man wor
coverage in annapolis. >> john gonzalez has the latest. >> we can tell you and has been raining hard for several hours in annapolis. not only is the arraignment picking up, but the wind. the gusts are more frequent here on main street in annapolis. many merchants said the sandbags down on the weekends. they have put their outdoor patio furniture in doors, making sure everything is safe. there were many warnings over the weekend. the mayor advising not only the business owners but the residents here to evacuate if they can today as soon as possible. it has been raining hard several hours already. the chesapeake river has not jumped its banks yet. by this drain is clogged with fall leaves. that will pose a problem. we're not even dealing with the high tide get in annapolis. this is an area that knows well what happens when there's bad flooding. some businesses over here have not only set down the sandbags, but have also put congress on the windows. the rain is really coming down at this hour. the wind picking outup. -- businesses have put protection over the windows. you can see of th
quake. now to john gonzalez. >> this will happen at 10:18 this morning on 10/18. it has been just over a year since a very surprising 5.8 tremor. this landmark remains closed for repairs. this is why the district and many areas along the east coast will pay a little more attention to the national shakeout today an emergency drill preparing us to survive and recover from an earthquake. this is a crucial deal in areas like d.c., south carolina, and new england, where unusual quakes have occurred recently. new england just yesterday. officials say the big one is not a question of if but rather when on the west coast. today will be the first official drill the in the southeastern united states. government officials will be at different schools at showing students how to take cover find shelter, and hold on. officials say if you are in bed during an earthquake, you may want to stay there. cover your head with pillows and keep a pair of shoes under your bed in case there's broken glass around. the shakeout is at 10:18 this morning at. john gonzalez, abc 7. >> we are about to find out what ki
of glenridge street. it sent water into dozens of homes. john gonzalez is live in the area with more. 7 homes suffered severe flooding. after hours of work, crews were to fix the pipe and perhaps the road. president safpa domestically new this morning. six-inch water main , forcing crews to for a fix and leaving a dozen basements submarines under murky water. >> it started as a babbling brook and ended up about the size of a volkswagen beetle. >> water was gushing out of n the streetsdow tuesday evening into the houses. the power was shut off to at homes.ine >> we are in my basement where the water main break outside in 6 inches of dirty water down here. the cause has not been determined, but the pipe was old. the 5,600arter of of water mains are at 50 years or older. >> it's a classic example of aging infrastructure. the water main was 72 years old. >> when temperatures fluctuated, main breaksf water become more and more common. was not common was the r that ended up in the homes. the water pressure was extremely strong. john gonzalez reporting from kensington. investigators trying to manass
. >> that is right, which is why have to have earthquake drills like we had today. john gonzalez was at one in ruston. there was a 3.5. quickened breasted this morning. last year, schools were lucky with the earthquake because they break, but the students will be ready next time. these local students are preparing for an earthquake. >> drop to the floor, hands and knees. >> how can any of us forget the 8 earthquake that struck last year, causing significant damage to the washington monument? which is why for the first time ever, d.c., maryland, and taking part in this shakeout, and emergency preparedness drill. >> even though we are not in san francisco, we can still have an earthquake. >> at 10:18, experts from usgs fema showed up the students do if we get hit again. >> the best thing is to get r something, whether a desk table, to protect your head. >> millions have participated the drills since 2008. last year's earthquake is a reminder that we all need to be prepared. because the ground on the east less is more stable and fractured then that of the west coast, earthquakes here had been more broad
were not. the sheriff's sergeant john gonzalez has more. >> the problem was a delay in the search. it happened at 10:00 but one of the subjects self-rescued and was able to crawl and make his way up to this farmhouse where we are at right now and call 911. an hour delay. the boat was pretty much right on the shoreline. not that far. maybe out 50 yards or something like that. and, so, that was how the two made it to shore. one was -- it went to shore and suffered hypothermia, the other subject made it up here to the farmhouse. >> reporter: so, that is two men in the hospital and two men still missing at sea. the coast guard is searching along with other agents all day. we understand that even at this hour there is a aircraft over the ocean and a helicopter. the 130 will drop theirs into the ocean watching which way the tides are carrying the flairs and aiding them in the search. the search will continue until dark and nobody is giving up hope at this ponent. two men are missing at sea and do not have life vests. ann? >> thank you. >>> well, the calendar says fall but some parts of
for it's taking with it more than 100 jobs. say the closing d not come soon enough. john gonzalez explains how this decision will impact the community. >> 16th thousand tons of sulfur dioxide, 242 tons of carbon monoxide. >> congressman jim moran is stating the different toxins from the power plant. >> there were problems here for community. >> the largest source of air pollution in the d.c. area for decades. neighbors claim the ash has put the health of thousands in danger. many people have suffered from the health effects. helde residents independent investigations and brought evidence to city leaders of potential health risks. >> we had to keep pushing. science is the basis of everything. the 482 megawatt coal-fired facility owners say that the today is lesse about pollution control and more change in price for gas.al what happens now with this prime waterfront property currently owned by pepco -- >> it's an opportunity to have something exciting to happen in of mixed use development. now 15th thousand tons of begins. 15,000 tons. most of the employees have been or retired. six
. >> at least five homes have been evacuated. fire crews monitoring air quality. john gonzalez has an exclusive with the affected residents. >> unique, modern technology being added to this home. but careless mistake this morning for his -- put his entire neighborhoods in danger. >> you could smell the gas in the air. >> workers were digging thermal wells for heating and cooling but a bobcat excavator drove over a vent pipe connected to one of thousand dollars underground propane tank. hundreds of gallons started spewing into the air quickly. the panic level rose quickly. they called the hazmat team and we got evacuated. >> most of the homes on the block were evacuated. an elderly man needed assistance. this is not the way residents wanted to start their day. >> a little disconcerting to drive down the driveway and discover emergency vehicles. >> propane hangs low, so we wanted to evacuate party next. nice weather with very little wind did not help disperse the gas. fire department unsuccessfully attempted to plug the leak before gas crews arrived. >> propane is highly volatile. >> i was glad
up for the first time as the national league east champions. but the rain did stop one event. john gonzalez its outside nationals park to explain. >> quite an exciting time. baseball fans in the district of waited nearly 80 years for the seen that unfolded last night. many of these fans are trying to get their hands on this merchandise. james witnessed a champagne celebration and was one of the first customers in bethesda. >> everybod started cheering and we saw teddy running out,. >> the sporting goods stores opened an hour-and-a-half early. east division championship shirts and hats. >> it was pretty sweet. >> the nationals lost the game last night, but they had already won 96 games. the nationals have won their first pennant in d.c.. >> i never experienced it before, so it's overwhelming. >> a team that has never had a winning season now has a chance to going to the posts even as the best team in baseball. it's pretty understandable why the celebrations went into the morning hours. >> these guys are good. >> bryce harper tweeted after the game, thanking bataan's and the city fo
investigating the accident. john gonzalez reported from old -- from elkridge. >> a deadly crash in fairfax county. old named maximilian after losing control of his poll anditting a the vehicle over backlick road in annandale. was not wearing a seatbelt. no one else was injured. >> baltimore police investigating the shooting death an active-duty sailors from virginia. the 24-year-old victim was shot l times. the navy has not release his identity. norfolkn leave from visiting his brother in baltimore. the suspect in the deadly an atlanta area time in thepent psychiatric facility. accused ofr a "kill l killing a volunteer at the megachurch in atlanta. he resigned as a maintenance worker. given to a motive shooting. >> hurricane sandy blamed for after the storm r jamaica and pounded cuba. ourocking on nby next week. >> people are keeping a close e on the storm which could potentially pounded the region in days. >> i'm crossing my fingers. >> this bloomingdale resident frequently deals with the lighting. water has poured into his basement six times over the past few years. he says he has been w
.om be the end of this week before we see the full extent of sandy's impact on the region. john gonzalez is in old town alexandria where high tide brought fear is just a short .ime ago >> it's not over. the one that occurred at 10:00 morning, nothing happened, everything went well. midnight.another at another at 10:30 in the morning tomorrow. is the one that as business owners and residents very concerned. that's why we still see the here.gs it is a nervous waiting game in town, some ready for all to be over. we would have to wade through the potomac river. hours after the height of the well before the high tide, flooding caused many off guard. >> it started coming fast. all the way up to our trust -- step. >> businesses and residents have down sandbags and .oard up windows more than once >> you just have to keep an eye on it. >> some businesses have decided them and remain closed for the day. waiting. we were in boats at one time n.ing up and dow >> jane collins refuses to push g down today even though sandy has come and gone. we do get warnings and people evacuate and may move their th
, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> tyson's corner residence, jumping.taxes are to the silver line corridor. 8% realed to approve an increase as part of a 40 year plan geared residents developers opposed to the plan. loudoun county residents have thece to speak about line tax increase. the public during begins at 6:00 loudoun county government center. >> you have to wait longer to consistent self-service on metro. a be was the deadline for improve self-service on the system. approved an l march.n unti say it will probably be before the work is completed. local lawmakers plan to ask congress for an additional extension. >> support for lance armstrong charity -- this on the same day down asist is stepping the charity. after theaking a move doping scandal. thee armstrong will stay on live strong. and it is shaping up to be amazing fall day. up.gs warming us with aas joins look at our forecast. >> we are kind of slow to warm. to see oure liked temperatures a little higher they are right now. and a look at our roof cam. have this mid to upper level cloudiness that's not in here this morning. tha
restrictions. john gonzalez has the latest. >> former d.c. council chairman e brown moments ago received very stern lecture from the toeral judge for failing report on three separate occasions to his pretrial services. separate occasions, all he had do was call. now brown must report in person week and the as a curfew 11:00 p.m. until 6:30 in the morning. this is five weeks before his sentencing. couple times the judge pointed finger at the high-profile defendant, asking what do you yourself?y for twice brown said he was out of time you failhird to call in on september 10 he had to did not think he was booked by police earlier that week. he pled guilty in june to bank fraud, forcing him to resign as chairman. he walked in and out of court t talking to the apologize in did this will not happen again. the judges said your apology is game andlate in the don't come back before time itng because next only be one strike. he is due to be sentenced in up to a yearfaces in prison. z reporting. >> the prince george's county with usingarged funds to help pay for a expenses. months ago, democrat was foun
from their homes. more might be forced to escape today. john gonzalez has live coverage in huntington. what is the situation? >> for now, this morning, and weary residents in the huntington section of alexandria virginia, are breathing a sigh of relief but we're not out of the woods. we are still getting a good amount of rainfall and there's still a high tide coming around 9:00 this morning. fairfax county police and fire have set up an emergency command post. there's even a city bus that helped to evacuate people during the height of the storm last night. 125 homes along cameron run in alexandria were ordered to leave the area. this is a low-lying area, very prone to flooding. in fact, there have been a number of serious flood problems in recent years here. many of the residents have spent thousands of dollars trying to repair damaged basements. the water level got as high as 6 feet, which is at street level. the fire department did shut off power to much of the neighborhood as a precaution last night. but this morning we are told, fortunately, no reports of any serious flooding. the
jobs. despite the loss, neighbors say e closing could not come soon enough. john gonzalez is live in alexandria to explain for us. this is definitely good news for the residents in alexandria. smokestacks are quiet this dark.g and the plant is sight, considering the plant has been burning coal 1949. one of the area's largest power plants and perhaps the biggest is shutting down today. this after a decade-long dispute residents arguing that their help was in serious danger. >> i will have to take medicine the rest my life. the plant on the potomac several names by in the past 60 years. owner claims the main reason its closing is because natural gas efficient.e neighbors believe it's much more do with pressure over pollution. this would be all over the neighborhood, all over the house. have the windows open. >> nearby neighbors say they have been dealing with harmful for decades. regulators have been monitoring pollution levels for years. the closure is part of an with city officials and a houston-based energy company. on the 14th floor and it will directly into my room. >> genon wi
, it will be time to play -- in about seven and a half hours, it will be time to play. >> john gonzalez is at nats park with travel tips for us to request good morning. a good vibe here on the field even at this early hour. this is going to be the first fall playoff game in the district in 79 years. how long has it been -- the average cost of a new home in 1933 $5,000. average cost of gas -- 18 cents for a gallon. we have with as the vice- president of the government and municipal affairs. you will tel us how fans can get here safely and on time. >> absolutely. we have waited almost eight decades. we will level out today. fans -- give yourself an extra hour to get here today. expect the metro to be full. come early. the gates open at 10:30. we will have lots of facilities and entertainment here. >> we spoke with the president of merchandise. more than 2 million fans. how challenging hasn't been getting the fans around. >> a great regional government makes it all happen. if you're coming on the green line from downtown, try not to change to l'enfant plaza. today gallery place if you can. >> nothin
at the center of a recent court ruling. john gonzalez has more. >> a federal judge has ruled that the transit agency must anti-jihad ads. at least four metro stations throughout the city will carry these ads. hey call on metro riders to jihad. if you recall, last year during we had a similar situation when an atheist group their ads put upper against christmas. e latest ad comes after recent .urmoil in the middle east there was violence over april- israeli film. the american freedom defense initiative, which produces the ads says the group has every right to put up the ads, under amendment, so you will them sometime today. the presidential race, candidates use the road again today. bmi.y will be speaking at >> president obama has another round of fund-raisers in california. details.adley has >> and the stars came out to help president obama. bill clinton and katie perry celebrities on hand at a los angeles fund- , expecting to add $10 to the president's reelection campaign for the event. raisedma and democrats month.llion last t made a joke about debate.luster >> they perform flawlessly night
outages. live team coverage continues with john gonzalez in alexandria. >> perhaps a small taste of what's to come. it's raining in alexandria, virginia. pepco has already been in contact with a number of utility companies across the middle atlantic, securing 400 contractors. we know what happens with these storms. in low-lying areas like old town alexandria, the concern is how aggressive the potomac will get. the powerful storm already pounded the caribbean, leaving 21 dead. sandy appears to be losing steam as it heads our way. there's a winter storm brewing in the northeast as well, the ingredients of a super storm. residents in old town alexandria have sandbags on standby. >> any time something like this happens, we lose a lot of money. >> locals were about erosion and widespread damage. >> i hate to see it all disappear. >> power outages and massive flooding are on everyone's mind. pepco crews are expecting lines in college park. and d.c. water said crews to clear the sewers and the drains. >> i'm concerned about my children. my son is on another street and my daughter is in another
is hoping to gain more this tight race. john gonzalez joins us with more house.tside the white >> this second presidential debate will be crucial for both campaigns. mitt romney will try to close the 20-- tant points than he trailed p in the trailedoll and the difference in campaign money raised. tonight's presidential debate setting, town hall which means audience members will be asking the questions, and americans who are still undecided. the president's camp assures a change of strategy. presidential debates have seen some awkward moments. was president bush in 1992.his watch the town hall-style debate was with 63 million g in.cans tunin >> this debate comes on the of romney pose a campaign announcing it raised more than in september, still behind the president with $181 million. we invite you to weigh in during debate which starts at 9:00. have before you on abc 7. your.com/react on browser,e smartphone, or tablets. can give us your instant to the debates in real time. countyince george's with beating an unarmed university maryland student, the trial resumes. breton joe bak
. >> john gonzalez is live a police headquarters where investigators will give us more information later this morning. >> tragedy struck the department yet again in less than two months. two officers have died. the police chief says witnesses are telling the police department that someone may have cut off this officer that caused this collision. just miles from his home. the second officer to die in less than two month of the county. there were at the scene for several hours trying to figure out what happened here. this image of the young police officers crews are wrapped around a light pole is difficult to look at this morning and hard to copperhead. officer kevin bowden was a six year veteran just 28 years old and a father of two young children. the accident occurred after three in the afternoon. officer was off-duty, headed home when for some reason his cruiser collided with an suv. >> this is the second that we have had in two months. i asked the committee please keep the police department and this committee in their careers. >> back in august adrian died after his cruiser was a run
for a new trial. the new attorneys are john paul carroll and michelle gonzalez. they met with peterson soon after his conviction last month for the murder of his third wife, kathleen savio. they believe he deserves a new trial because he did not receive adequate representation from joel brodsky. we reached out to brodsky today. he refused a request for an interview, but he told the tribune the new attorneys were not authorized to file any motions. peterson is scheduled to be sentenced for murder on november 26th. republican congressman joe walsh and democrat tammy duckworth face-off in their race in the eighth district. they debated everything from social security and taxes to defense cuts and president obama's health care law. in front of a thousand people in rolling meadows. >>are you going to vote for someone who is going to do the hard work or someone who is more of the same? duckworth accused walsh of voting against the interests of his own constituents. walsh called duckworth a failed bureaucrat who wasted taxpayer money while serving in the blagojevich administration. mitt romney say
laroche would score. nats take a 1-0 lead. bottom of the inning, gonzalez struggles, four walks and a wild pitch in the frame. bases loaded sac fly by john jay. daniel descalso. right now it is still 2-0 heading into the eighth. >>> so dan helly is in st. louis and he will have a full report after sunday night football. meantime the o's and yankees are about to get under way. we have crews in baltimore covering the first playoff game in the last 15 years. can you believe it? it's been a long time for them. a lot going on, but for redskins fans coming up later in sports, we're going to have a full update on rg3's condition. for now back to you guys. >> carol, thanks. our team coverage continues this evening in northwest washington where darcy spencer's live at duffy's irish pubs where the fans have been watching all the different games on the different television sets. >> reporter: there are some serious nats fans here at this sports bar. we're talking a couple in here actually got engaged at the stadium earlier this year. it's true, the nats are done, but they're not out, and th
others. john allen muhammad and malvoy. one sentenced to life in prison and one executed. >>> casey worried she won't get a fair trial in florida. gonzalez is suing anthony. she claims she was harassed and threatened after anthony came up with a fictitious nanny named after her who she claimed kidnapped her daughter, caylee. when gonzalez's lawyer said the change of venue motion is only an attempt by anthony to delay the trial. a hearing on all of this set for later this month. >>> jimmy who have fa is definitely -- hoffa is definitely not under the driveway of this home. last week police acting on a tip took soil samples. the results came back today and there's no trace of human decomposition. he disappeared in 1975. the day he vanished he was supposed to meet with a new jersey timesters boss and a de- -teamsters boss and a detroit mafia captain. >>> a former penn state graduate student who testified he saw jerry sandusky showering with a boy in 2001 is suing penn state. mike mcqueary is seeking millions of dollars in damages. he claims his treatment by the university has caused hi
crist. at one point he was on john mccain's short list to be his running mate. now he supports president obama. >>> we'll also change gears and ask from he wielian gonzalez tor woods to animals running wild, why does it seem so many wacky stories happen here in the sunshine state and, jenna, i know you have a lot to get to as well from new york. >>> yes, lester. also coming up, we'll talk to the makers of a disturbing new documentary that looks at how pop culture and social media sexualizes girls at a disturbingly young age. >>> and have you wondered what it's like to party like britain's royal family. pippa is out with a new book that includes tips on planning the perfect get together. >>> and later, there is law and there is order here at the "today" show this morning. we are previewing the 300th episode of "svu" and a special guest star, i won't name names, because that's just rude, but we're going to go behind the scenes with the show's star, mariska hargitay. >> i'll name names. it was you. do you remember your line? >> of course, the auxiliary officer. i don't want to show off beca
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